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All models of GODSON section bending machiners are designed & built according to the latest technology & experience of the field of last 20 years. The Material & components used are thoroughly tested in all practical bending situations and with the GODSON section bending machine the bending machine the bending operation can be carried out with a minimum of manual efforts.

The main frame of the machine is of all steel welded construction, heavily proportional and welded to a structural steel base, stress relieved and machined. All three rolls are made out of alloy steel, heat treated, All shafts, Pinions & gears are also from alloy steel, rotating on high dynamic load spherical roller bearing, Rolls are driven by a special designed gear box and Electric Brake Motor or Hydraulic Motor (whichever is suitable). The two lower rolls are adjustable through individual gear box & brake motor or through hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic unit is protected against over-load and Non-return valves elements the possibilities of lower, changing position during the bending operations.

The Drive & Method of rolls adjustment of GODSON section bending machine give them a unique & universal rang of capacities with pre bending of both the leading and trailing edges without the need to remove and turn the section being bent and with a minimum of losses in material. All operations are carried out by Potable push button type movable control desk. Machine is available in two different versions i.e.

ELECTRO-MECHANICAL: suitable to bend light & medium duty sections, lower roll adjustment are through individual Gear box & electric brake Motor, and

HYDRO-MECHANICAL: suitable to bend heavy duty sections, lower rolls adjustment are through hydraulic power pack unit & individual hydraulic cylinders.


[1] Capacity: mild steel of tensile strength 42 kg./mm 2
[2] All dimension are in mm.
[3] Minimum diameter obtainable with profiles are reduced dimension, not less then 1.5 times roll dia.
[4] Capacity not mention in above data table are available on request or demand.
[5] We reserve the fight to modify the design, system, construction, weight, Hp, Hydraulic Tonnage & other specification of our      machine without any prior notice.

[A] Three powers rolls [only one set of standard roll, suitable/required by the customer is supplied with the machine]
[B] Side guide roll.
[C] Hand operated push button type movable control switch/desk.


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